Best Branding for Best Pack
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April 8, 2016
Community Living Oakville
April 23, 2016

Best Branding for Best Pack

What was the task? Best Pack Branding

Best Pack was losing existing clients while client brands grew, Best Pack stayed the same. The old branding didn’t communicate a readiness to the company’s clients and profits began to slip.

What we have created

Best Pack it’s a co-packaging service provider within Community Living Oakville, and with a new manager on board 2014, Best Pack reached out to Creative At Work to help them strengthen their brand. We examined the entire brand, redesigning their branding, designing brochures, providing print materials and a corporate video showing and taking their mission to heart, building a new and trustworthy image.

The Results

In one year’s time, BestPack’s revenue shot up by 90%, they are attracting new clients and lost clients had returned. With a commitment to change, BestPack was able to see tremendous growth with the new branding, continuing their meaningful work and delivering premium results.

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