Great Content for Social Media Strategy
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June 6, 2016
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September 2, 2016

Great Content for Social Media Strategy

It is important to realize that great content for social media strategy, is the backbone of marketing success.

About 350 million new photos are added each day to Facebook, and 100 million hours of video are consumed daily on the social channel. If your content doesn’t kick ass, nobody will pay attention to your brand.
Ask yourself this simple question — Who are my customers and how do I tell their story? Your marketing strategy will succeed if you tell the story of your customers in a compelling manner. Check the Secrets to Beautiful Content for your Social Media Strategy

You can never go wrong with flowers.
Your content strategy can outshine your competitors, even if you have less money. You just need to be creative and have a content strategy

1. Memorable Moments
Take pictures that will resonate with your target audience. Set aside time each month to conduct a 60-minute photo shoot, and you’ll have plenty of great photo content — which can be distributed on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or via email marketing and your website. Just make sure to plan and organize the shoot in advance.

Idea for a Flower Shops
Take pictures of your beautiful bouquet of flowers before they are shipped to your customer. Try and reach out to the customer to learn the story behind each bouquet of roses. Even though the image of the flowers will be powerful, the story behind the roses will be the real differentiator.

2. Video
The video is becoming increasingly popular on social media. Even if you don’t have fancy equipment, just order a tripod for your Samsung for as little as $9.72, and start recording more video content to your arsenal!

Idea for Valentine’s Day
Record a video of a boyfriend surprising his girlfriend with roses for Valentine’s Day. This content would be gold once the viewer would see the reaction on the girlfriend’s face!

3. Customer interviews
Interview your customers, and you will have a treasure chest of content. You can use this material for testimonials, blog content, quotes and much more. If possible, video records these testimonials as it will add another medium where you can promote the content.

4. Create awesome graphics
If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, higher a freelancer. Whether you want to promote an inspirational quote, upcoming sale or industry statistic, professional graphics will differentiate your brand from competitors. Instead of feeling like a cheap brand, it’ll make your business feel like a million bucks.

5. Share behind the scenes content
For each product, your company is shipping or the service your business is providing, there is a story developing behind the scenes that are often times overlooked. Make sure to share this content!

6. Obtain user-generated content
User-generated content is pure gold because you don’t have to hire a photographer and coordinate all of the logistics behind a photo or video shoot. If customers truly love your brand, they can turn into your brand ambassadors and post great content.

7. Interview experts
This is your chance to show off your great team of associates by interviewing an expert. This will spotlight your industry knowledge and provide the viewer with knowledge about the subject manner. Every business should identify their expert and set-up a time to interview this person. You will once again obtain a treasure chest of content that can be utilized across all channels.

8. Live Stories
Businesses should now have the mindset that they are their own media department. You can reach a huge audience by live streaming events, especially in utilizing Instagram Stories, Facebook Live or Periscope.

9. Don’t forget to laugh
David Ogilvy was famously quoted saying, “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” In most lines of work, you can incorporate a sense of humor, which will make your content stand out and most importantly, make people smile.