Nedan Contracting – Online Presence
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February 24, 2016
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April 8, 2016

Nedan Contracting – Online Presence

What was the task? Online Presence

Nedan Contracting was a contractor and landscaper, who prided himself on his workmanship and commitment. What Nedan Contracting lacked was an online presence. Nedan’s competitors in the area pointed out his lack of online presence, leaving bad reviews and implying his business was a scam. He was losing clients and losing money. Nedan Contracting came to Creative At Work, desperate and looking for answers.

What we have created

We took the effects of a piece of negative press and transformed it into a strong brand outpacing all other competitors.  We went to work creating his entire online presence from the ground up. We designed his website, logo, shot a corporate video and made accounts for all forms of social media, but most importantly we built him a consistent brand both online and through traditional marketing. Nedan’s brand grew from unknown to well-known and in high demand.

The Results

Nedan Contracting has been overbooked since 2012.  It’s this exposure and overwhelming presence that pushed him ahead of his competition and gained him the trust of his clients.