Social Media and Your Customers
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February 14, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Social Media and Your Customers

Let’s get to the point, you didn’t get into business to lose money, you didn’t pour your time and sweat into a business only to make see it struggle to compete. It’s 2017 and we all have a pretty good understanding of social media and how it works, right?
Gone are the days of using social media to share pictures of the meal you just ate – OK, that’s still a thing, but it’s not all social media is used for. The speed and scope in which information is shared is incredible, which is why it is important that you stay on your toes and do not fall behind.

For example did you know that Twitter has 6 different forms of communication networks or that Facebook is most active on Friday? And its changing and growing as you read this. We have seen just how fast information travels today through the various social media platforms, so it is no wonder why it is so important for all different types of businesses to develop and foster a strong social media presence.

These days, people check their social media accounts and other websites before anything else, which represents a huge marketing opportunity. In order to for consumers to find you and your products or services, you need to focus on curating a social media presence.

It is not enough to simply just create a Facebook profile and have your friends and family ‘like’ your business page. You must have an account on all the various social media platforms, figure out who your audience is on each outlet, and spend time developing your voice and gaining the trust of consumers.  Doing so means partnering with an industry leader like Creative At Work

The good news is that doing so is with Creative At Work is an affordable way to increase brand awareness.  And the rewards are substantial.  Currently, one in every ten online purchases around the world originates from social media channels. Many experts believe that this number is going to grow in the near future. It’s estimated that E-Commerce will surpass the $1 trillion dollar mark by 2019.
This means that billions of dollars may be spent by social media consumers.

It also means thousands of potential consumers who are waiting to learn about you and your business.

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