Stari Grad – Franchise Full Branding
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February 13, 2016
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March 2, 2016

Stari Grad – Franchise Full Branding

What was the task? Franchise Full Branding

StariGrad is a bakery and goods importer that made their way over to Canada. StariGrad’s owner saw a need to change the company’s approach and adapt to the Canadian market. He attempted to market and brand by himself but found he wasn’t getting much traction his way.

What we have created.
We provided necessary consultation on branding and design for print and online. We transferred their Old Town story into their branding, designing the look of their stores, signs, posters, flyers, packaging design, product catalog, their website and managed their social media. In taking these steps, he put his business to another level without abandoning what made his brand his own.

The Results.
His business is currently expanding with 3 stores, a larger main location and a move to franchise.

To visit Stari Grad website click here