effective branding
July 13, 2019

The impact of branding

We are drawn to attractive ‪‎products, buildings, and ‪‎brands. Our eyes pull us toward things we find ‪‎attractive. The attraction is magnetic. It is primal —it engages our lizard […]
June 29, 2018

The Importance of Branding for Product Promotion and Marketing

Are you trying to promote a new product, but are having difficulty coming up with your own brand? Maybe you feel like branding isn’t as important […]
April 26, 2016

Effective Email Marketing and why is marketers should keep sending e-mails

Deciding where to invest marketing dollars isn’t a decision small businesses take lightly.
February 13, 2016

The origin of branding: the history of the big brands

The origin of branding started as soon as that first Stone Age human pounded out that first stone tool, he or she expected recognition. “I made this!” It’s a […]
February 13, 2016

Growing a good brand is a choice

Growing a Good Brand is a choice. It’s a choice to stand out and be remarkable. It’s a choice to build meaningful relationships with your customers. […]