Inspire AccessAbility Showcase
Kippin Team – CK
June 5, 2018
June 29, 2018

Inspire AccessAbility Showcase

Creative@Work Team has taken our information from a simplistic level to one that is professional and one that effectively meets our needs. In this time of social media bombardment, it is critical to be more than ordinary.  To be recognised and stand out amongst the crowd is what Creative At Work Advertising Inc has done for us.  Our website is designed for both professionals and families to easily navigate while maintaining our ability to be able to update content with ease.  Creative@Work team demonstrated the ability to re-name and re-brand what we had in order for us to be more current. This, in turn, promoted more online traffic and better visual appeal for our target audience. As we strive for excellence in this area we will continue to utilize Creative@Work and Mimi’s expertise to reach our goals.