Video a la mode
Conducting Market Research
February 13, 2016

Video a la mode

Why you need a corporate video ? Premises and facilities need to be seen to show the existence, scale and capability of your organization.

So, Dress to impress, you’ve spent money on your workplace – show it off as the professional hub of expertise that it is. It can replace the factory visit. A good video brings your factory, workshop or office to your clients. Having to visit your building could be a major inconvenience for your client. Why not save them time, money and energy by giving them a video based tour. They’ll appreciate it. People don’t read tones of website text especially technical descriptions of services and facilities, you’re not going to impress a client by boring them! Show them a mini-corporate video; it will be quicker, easier and more digestible for them. 

Prestige – stand out from the crowd! Not every company has its own corporate video. Having one will show people you mean business! Get the best possible message in the shortest possible time – corporate videos can be concise yet detailed, it’s also expressive! In just a few minutes you can show the viewer everything that’s relevant to them without jeopardizing their schedule. Can be used in a Power Point Presentation – Playing a video at the beginning of your presentation will give both yourself and the institution you represent instant credibility. People who are used to a boring slide-by-slide Power point presentation will automatically take note – this is different.