Branding Strategy

Stir up your brand potential and make it taste better than ever before!

A well-designed logo is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Your company’s credibility is judged by its attractiveness.This is your Visual Identity, it includes your logo, website, marketing material, and your imagery. It radiates out to your products design and packaging, the appearance of your offices, and your employee’s appearance. Your ‎brand will be judged at every visual touch point, and your customers will decide if your firm is a fit for them based on what they see.

Deep metaphors make your brand stand out.Features and benefits must be explained, but a strong visual identity tells a story, speaking to customers on an emotional level.

When your visual identity is anchored on a deep metaphor you don’t have to explain what makes your business unique. Your customers can see it.They can experience it.

Visual identities age and mature, if they are not maintained they can fall apart. Corporate websites tend to need a branding overhaul every two to four years. In the third year they begin to look tired, and by the fourth they’re dilapidated. An old, dated website is unattractive. It doesn’t draw in your customers or demonstrate your company as a credible option. Branding identities need a tune up every twelve to thirty-six months, depending on your industry. Regardless of the pace of your industry’s change, it is important to recognize your visual identity requires frequent maintenance to remain relevant.

What looks hot today will look passé in a couple of years. Even established brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi go through regular updates.

Building a brand isn’t just about designing a logo, a brand should be an idea, reflecting your business from the inside out.Creative At Work focuses both on the vital design elements and makes sure your brand presence reflects your business. An effective brand presence is what makes the difference between thriving and stumbling.

Your brand isn’t just your logo; your brand is your entire company.