A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words: Visuals in Content Marketing
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April 26, 2016
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A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words: Visuals in Content Marketing

Whether it’s snapping some photos or shooting videos on your phone, it’s abundantly clear that we live in a visual world. When it comes to content marketing, putting visuals at the forefront can prove very handy. We’ve sung the praises of visual content on the Creative@Work blog in the past, and we practice what we preach: Each of our posts contains at least one original, creative image; easily shareable along with our articles.

When crafting your content, you should aim to include visual elements in all that you produce. From your posts to articles, to tweets and much more, ensure that each of these has a working visual element. Content with visuals receives 94% more total views than content without.

It makes sense as 90 % of information sent to the brain is visual. We see visuals in our daily lives; billboards, commercials, logos, people on the street. Our brains can process visual content more efficiently than text alone. Why would you make it harder to get the information your customers need?

By using visuals you can shape content toward storytelling, use professionally made videos, infographics, and captivate images. Visually engaging content is attractive. Well designed materials pique interest quickly, even before the information is processed.  Be distinctive, be bold and make sure your visuals are eye catching. Make sure you’re in the race with the others, not playing catch up.