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Video productions can catch the eye faster and more effectively than ever before. Businesses big and small need to use video in tandem with marketing and social media to provide substantial brand exposure. YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram: video is less luxury and more necessary for your business to stand out. Creative At Work is home to a highly focused and dedicated video team who aim to please one frame at a time.

How Can Corporate Video Increases Lead Generation?

When marketing, video content establishes a type of visual rapport with viewers; even more than text, images, or overall website experiences. By producing captivating corporate videos, there is a much higher chance that audience members will visit your website. With YouTube visitors subscribing to certain channels, brands have an outlet to continually push video content in the hopes that those who have yet to visit a corporate or product site will eventually do so. 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on YouTube on a weekly basis. This is by no means insignificant, networking is another crucial factor to online success and prosperity.

The ability to film, edit, and publish video content is a necessity for SEO, lead generation, and overall virtual longevity. Without video content making as part of your media output, it’s likely you will fall behind.

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