Gold Award for digital strategy development
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July 31, 2017
The Importance of Branding for Product Promotion and Marketing
June 29, 2018

Gold Award for digital strategy development

Creative@Work 2017 was awarded the Dot Comm Gold award for  Developing a Digital Strategy for Halton Community Resource Fair.  The Dot Comm Awards are an international competition designed to celebrate and acknowledge excellence in web design and communication.

Winning this award was a victory for Creative At Work because it signifies that Creative At Work’s digital strategy development is the best in the marketing industry.

Winning a DotCOMM award signifies to employers, clients, prospects and competitors that the winner’s digital strategy work is among the best in the industry. Here’s why that matters. There is a war going on, for attention, for engagement, and for awareness. And in that battle, Creative@ Work Advertising is the strategic partnership that will help lead you to victory.

The Halton Community Resource Fair came to us with a task, Create a new, more inclusive brand strategy which would allow it to expand beyond a single nonprofit event.

Our solution was to move Halton Community Resource Fair to Inspire AccessAbility Showcase by incorporating both critical marketing strategies and social media drivers to create a more inclusive brand identity.

The tools we used to accomplish this remarkable feat were as follows:

We designed and implemented a new Branding strategy. This proved critical as organizations that don’t have a branding strategy are usually operating in a “reactive” mode.

Adopting a strategic approach towards enables the organization to focus its efforts on priorities. We worked with Halton Community Resource Fair in their efforts to do this by creating an entirely new and more dynamic website which functioned as both a business directory and online payment option.

Additionally, we designed and printed all promotional material such as flyers, signup forms, roll up banners and posters.
And finally, we created a template and initiated an email marketing campaign to announce and promote Halton Community Resource Fair’s transition to InspireAccessAbility showcase

And what were the results of these measures?

Creative At Work was able to amplify levels of engagement for both vendors and participants by creating a greater online presence.

Pivoted Halton Community Resource Fair away from a single event platform into a multi-touchpoint resource site resulted in Inspire AccessAbility providing connections for families in need of support and non-profit organizations committed to assisting them.

With more than 25 million Canadians on the web, public and non-profit organizations have the opportunity and tools to extend their influence far beyond traditional borders. Simply stated, if you are not actively engaged in social media and digital engagement, you’re not “in the game”.

So get in the game. Win the war.

Call Creative At Work. Because winners get the gold.