Inspire AccessAbility Showcase
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July 12, 2017
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July 31, 2017

Inspire AccessAbility Showcase

Inspire AccessAbility Showcase 

What was the task?
Creating a new, more inclusive brand strategy for Halton Community Resource Fair so that it could expand beyond a single non-profit annual event

Our solution: Move Halton Community Resource Fair to Inspire AccessAbility Showcase by incorporating both critical marketing strategies and social media drivers to create a more inclusive brand identity.

Designed and implemented a new Branding strategy
Created an entirely new and more dynamic website with both a business directory and online payment option.
Designed and printed all promotional material such as flyers, roll up banners and posters.
Created a template and initiated an email marketing campaign to announce and promote Halton Community Resource Fair’s transition to InspireAccessAbility showcase

Amplified levels of engagement for both vendors and participants by creating a greater online presence
Pivoted Halton Community Resource Fair away from a single event platform into a multi touch point resource site resulted in Inspire AccessAbility providing connections for families in need of support and non-profit organizations committed to assisting them.